Welcome to the SMRI!

The SMRI (Santa Marinella Research Institute) is a small Institute for Research and Higher Education located in the town of Santa Marinella on the Thyrrenian coast about 60 km North of Rome, easily reached by frequent train service from both Rome and Pisa.

Our main goal is to provide researchers with a relaxing atmosphere to complete their work – individual or collaborative – or to have small workshops. Our activity is mainly concentrated in spring and early or late summer; any kind of activity is strictly forbidden in August.

Financial independence, due to the lack of sponsors of any kind, allows for intellectual independence and the pursuit of curiosity-driven knowledge.

The Institute follows a strict Green Open Access policy. It requires to post all the research performed in the Institute in a free open-access archive such as arXiv.

We will be grateful if the support of the Institute is acknowledged in publications originating from work done here; but as we do not have to apply for grants we do not necessarily require it.

Information about the activities of the Institute can be obtained by contacting the Secretary at the following address: